Op. Dr. Aytekin Uzer Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Specialist About Request an Appoıntment Nose Aesthetics A nose that fits your face perfectly! Nose aesthetic surgery, ie rhinoplasty correcting
the dysfunction and dysfunction of the shape,
skeleton and soft tissues in your nose...
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Eyelid Aesthetic Get a younger look! Eyelid aesthetics, namely blepharoplasty,
is applied to the eyelids and provides
tightening of the parts around the eyes.
Ear Aesthetics Ideal size ears... In the ear, deformities are encountered
that require ear aesthetic surgery.
If the prominent ear is...
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Op. Dr. Aytekin Uzer

Plastic Surgery

It is possible to feel any pain with the effect of anesthesia during rhinoplasty surgery.

The tip of the nose shows different characteristics from person to person …

Eyelid aesthetics, namely blepharoplasty, is applied to the eyelids and…

There are deformities in the ear that require ear aesthetic surgery. Prominent in the ear…

With chin aesthetic applications, the face looks more beautiful than the profile.

Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Specialist

Op. Dr. Aytekin Uzer

I was born in 1987 in Gümüşhacıköy, Amasya. After going to primary and secondary school in Gümüşhacıköy, I finished high school in Amasya Macit Zeren Science High School.

I graduated from Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 2012.

In 2017, I passed the Izmir Tepecik Training and Research Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Specialization Exam. I did my compulsory specialist medicine service at Tokat State Hospital.

Op. Dr. Aytekin Uzer


Op. Dr. Aytekin Uzer

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Op. Dr. Aytekin Uzer