Chin Aesthetics

With chin aesthetic applications, the face looks more beautiful than the profile. Although it is usually planned with rhinoplasty, it is also handled alone. In chin aesthetics, problems related to the chin tip being forward or backward and the height of the chin tip are eliminated.

The first issues to be evaluated in order to apply jaw aesthetics are that the patient’s tooth structure is normal and there is no problem in mouth closure. Different methods can be applied according to the aesthetic problem at the tip of the chin. If the tip of the chin is behind the nose, the tip is filled with a prosthesis. If the chin tip is ahead of the nose, the chin tip is filed with special methods.

How is Jaw Filing Surgery Performed?

It is an aesthetic intervention applied to people whose chin is in front of the nose when viewed from the profile. It is performed using general anesthesia. The chin tip is filed with the patient in the amount planned before with special medical instruments. The operation applied to patients over 20 years of age takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. If the application is made inside the mouth, no visible traces are left. In the method made with an incision from the outer surface, there may be scars that will disappear over time or will be very slightly obvious. If the doctor’s recommendations are listened during the recovery period, the probability of scarring will be very low.

Before Chin Aesthetic

Jaw aesthetic surgeries are not usually planned alone. The nose is combined with facelift operations. Since it is performed with general anesthesia, the procedure that should be applied before each general anesthesia is also valid in this procedure. Necessary blood tests are required. The patient should stay away from blood thinners and foods 10 days before. If he is a smoker, he should quit 2-3 weeks beforehand. The patient can stay in the hospital depending on the content of the surgery. If facial or rhinoplasty is performed with the chin, different tests may be requested by your doctor before the surgery.

After Jaw Aesthetics

If the aesthetic intervention is limited to only the chin, the patient is discharged on the same day. Post-operative pain can be relieved with simple painkillers. If it has been dealt with with the nose or face, he will need to stay in the hospital. Your doctor will inform you about the duration at the planning stage. The patient should rest for 2 weeks after discharge. At the end of this period, he can return to his daily life. Following the advice given by your doctor will shorten the healing process.