Ear Aesthetics

There are deformities in the ear that require ear aesthetic surgery. In prominent ears, the problem is that the angle of your ear with your head is higher than normal. In other words, they appear more forward and clearly than normal. In this case, it can lead to significant psychosocial, behavioral and emotional problems, especially in children. In prominent ear aesthetics, only the outer part of the ear is intervened. Prominent ear surgery is a very safe operation. For this reason, it will not cause any problems with hearing. Since ear development is completed until 5-6 years of age, it is recommended to correct the ear by performing prominent ear surgery at these ages. Prominent ear surgery (otoplasty) is performed under general anesthesia in children. In older ages, it can also be done with local anesthesia, that is, by anesthetizing the ear, without general anesthesia. Since prominent ear surgery is performed on the back of the ear, there will be no scars.

For Which Age Is Ear Surgery Better?

Prominent ear surgery is a procedure suitable for all ages. However, the appropriate age for this surgery is preschool age. Children who go to school with prominent ears will encounter the negative thoughts of their friends and this will affect the mental state of the child. For this reason, before the prominent ear surgery, this situation should be explained to the child in a way that he or she can understand and the surgery should be performed on his own will. If the child wants it himself, this surgery will be applied.

What Should I Consider Before Ear Surgery?

As in all surgeries, it is necessary to stop using aspirin 2-3 weeks before the surgery and to stop smoking in prominent ear surgery. In the last week before the operation, it is necessary not to use drugs that dilute the blood and similar substances.

Will There Be Any Scars In My Ear After Ear Surgery?

It is very normal to see a thin white line behind the ear after surgery. Since this thin scar will remain in the section behind the ear, it will definitely not be visible from the outside. Since self-dissolving stitches are used in the surgery, there is no need to remove stitches after the surgery and there will be no scars.

Can I Feel Pain During Ear Surgery?

If prominent ear surgery will be performed under general anesthesia, you will not feel pain. Even if it is done with local anesthesia, only the pain of the anesthesia needles will be felt. You will not feel pain during the operation. You will not feel pain for 12 hours after the surgery due to the anesthesia. After this stage, you will not have serious pain again.

What Will I Experience After Ear Surgery?

After the prominent ear operation, an elastic bandage is wrapped around the person. The patients are then sent home. Two days after the surgery, the bandages are opened, the wounds are looked at and the patient is put on a band to cover his ears. The purpose of wearing the tape is to completely protect the patient. Two days after the operation, patients can easily take a bath. The tape should be used regularly for a week. The patient can easily return to work the next day of prominent ear surgery. In the first three weeks after the operation, the patient should be careful to protect their ears from impacts.