Eardrum Surgery

“Tympanoplasty” surgery, which is applied in tympanic membrane perforations and chronic middle ear diseases, is technically the repair of the eardrum and the auditory system in the middle ear, as well as the removal of inflammation in the middle ear and the mastoid bone behind the ear.

ruptures of the eardrum; Absence of recurrent ear discharge can be repaired with tympanoplasty to prevent hearing loss, protection from infections, and other complications related to inflammation. In patients with significant hearing loss, problems in the ossicles that transmit sound can also be corrected in the same surgery. Cartilage, bone grafts or middle ear prostheses can be used to eliminate problems in the ossicles.

Although the ideal time for simple eardrum replacement surgery is recommended after the age of 12-14, it is imperative for patients with advanced inflammation to have surgery at any age (sometimes in emergency conditions).