Nose Tip Aesthetics

The tip of the nose shows different characteristics from person to person, age and race. The tip of the nose is the most striking part of this organ. Therefore, the appearance problems that exist in this region affect the appearance of individuals. The tip of the nose can be reshaped with nose tip aesthetic (type rhinoplasty) surgery.

How Is Nose Tip Surgery Performed?

Closed technique is used in nasal tip surgeries. In this technique, formal problems are intervened through the nostrils. Thus, no suture marks are formed. Aesthetic operation is performed on cartilage and soft tissue and bones do not need to be broken. Therefore, the recovery time is very short.

In the nasal tip aesthetic operation, the following formal problems that are usually seen in this region are eliminated.

  • Low tip of the nose
  • Broad-tipped nose
  • Asymmetry in the nostrils
  • Extremely pointed nose tip
  • Narrowing of the wings of the nose

The operations performed under general or local anesthesia are completed in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. After the operation, the patient is discharged on the same day and can return to his normal daily life within 1-2 days. This operation can be performed in all patients over the age of 18. The experience of the operator doctor and the correct communication with the patient are very important for the success of the surgery and the satisfaction of the patient with the new appearance.

In the ideal nose structure, the angle between the lip and the tip of the nose is considered to be between 90 and 100 degrees. The lowness present in the patient is brought to the most suitable angle for the facial structure with the operations to be performed on the cartilage structure. Closed technique is applied in nasal tip aesthetic operations.

The desired appearance is decided through interviews with the patient using facial photographs taken from different angles and the operation is performed. The patient is discharged on the same day in the operation, which lasts for a maximum of 1 hour and optionally local or general anesthesia is applied. The main purpose of the operation is to make the patient look more beautiful.

Who Are Eligible Candidates for Nasal Tip Surgery?

Due to the nature of the nose tip shaping operations, the bone structure in the nose is not intervened. Nasal tip surgery is not recommended for patients with the following nasal structure disorders.

  • Those with arched nasal bones
  • Those who have curvature in the nasal bone structure
  • Those who have a normal to wide nasal bone structure

It is not possible to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance with an operation to be performed on people with the above-mentioned nose structure. Because these operations are performed only on the cartilage structure. As in other rhinoplasty surgeries, the patient must be over the age of 18.