Perfect Nose Hidden in the “Golden Ratio”

There is a stereotype that beauty is relative. However, such is not the case.

You ask why?

Because there is a special ratio, namely the “Golden Ratio”, which is found in the structure and form of living and non-living things, which are numerous in nature.

This ratio, which was first used in architecture by the Egyptians and Greeks, is the harmony between the parts of a whole found in nature.

This situation has also been an important guide in rhinoplasty and has been defined as the formula of beauty. The nose length should be 1/3 of the face height and the nose should be positioned in the middle of the face.

The ratio between the length of the nose and its projection, the ratio between the width of the nose and the width of the mouth, the ratio of the rectangular sides of the face to each other are very important in terms of aesthetic appearance.