Rhinoplasty (Open or closed?)

Rhinoplasty is performed with two main techniques, open and closed. In open surgery, an external incision is applied to the part called columella between the nose wings. The stitches of this incision are usually removed 7 days after the surgery and can heal without leaving a very obvious scar after the healing process.

It may be more accurate to choose the open technique for patients with severe problems in the nasal wings, nasal bone-cartilage (septum) and nasal dorsum.

Since no incision is made on the tip of the nose in the closed technique, scarring problems are less common in columella. The closed technique may be more appropriate for patients with milder deformities than the open technique. However, it is also possible to correct these cases with the open technique.

In the selection of the surgical technique, patient expectations and the severity of the deformity in the patient’s nose should be evaluated together.