Septum Deviation

The structure that divides the nasal cavity into two and consists of bone and cartilage is called the “Septum”.

The curvature of the septum, which should normally be thin and straight, is called “Septum Deviation”. The most well-known name is direct “Deviation”.

The situation that causes this deviation is the blows of the middle wall of the nose, which develops until the age of 18, during this development or the code coming from the genes.

Although it is concluded in the studies that the deviation rate is high in our society, they are mild. This becomes a clinical problem when it makes it difficult to breathe through the nose. When this level is reached, Septoplasty is applied.

There are two methods in septoplasty: The obstructing septum part can be removed or the septum part causing the obstruction can be corrected and repositioned.

In septoplasty, the external appearance of the nose does not change.