What is Otoplasty?

As you all know, the “ear” is one of the complementary elements that provide harmony in external appearance. Prominent ear, which is one of the most common deformities in society, stands out as a serious problem that affects the psychology of individuals and their communication in society.

If your ears; If it is scoop-shaped outward, if you have been adversely affected by an injury or if you want to collect your hair due to your ear shape, but you cannot collect it, you can get rid of this situation with ear aesthetic surgery.

Prominent ear surgery is a simple surgical operation that does not carry serious risks. The doctor chooses the most appropriate surgical method after checking the patient and making the necessary examination.

The ear is dressed in the form of a soft mattress made of cotton for 3 days after the operation. In the next process, an elastic bandage is recommended to be wrapped around the head only at night while sleeping. After 3-4 days, it can be washed and at the end of 1 week, the patient returns to his normal life.